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Cinnamon Leopard
Dog Bandana

$24.00 $19.20

Let out your dog's inner big cat with Cinnamon Leopard, our sleek brown and black spotted leopard bandana.


Let out your dog's inner big cat with Cinnamon Leopard.

  • Made with 100% certified organic cotton knit fabric, each bandana has a cozy and luxurious feel along with a bit of stretch.
  • The double-sided bandanas are medium-weight.
  • The pigment colorants in each print do not contain harmful chemicals and are created using a sustainable digital printing process.

Our friends of Archie, Peanut, and Lucy are wearing a size medium and small.

To determine the best size bandana for your dog, measure around the widest point of the neck. Add approximately 4-5 inches for a knot. Fold the bandana to adjust for fit and style!

SMALL - Our bandana measures 21" in length.
Best suited for 10-14" neck size.

MEDIUM - Our bandana is 25" in length.
Best suited for 15"-19" neck size.

LARGE - Our bandana is 30" in length.
Best suited for 20"-24" neck size.

Contact Lil' Archie's with any sizing questions.

Machine wash warm or cool on a gentle/delicate setting.
Air dry or machine dry on a low-temperature setting.