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Sweet Eve
Frenchie Twist Dog Necktie


Sweet Eve is made of quality, thick cotton and will sit just right and proper around your pup's neck. It's a beautiful print of deep emerald green, rich red roses, and white holly berries and has two red snaps around the back of the neckerchief for an adjustable fit. Your dog will look like a delight during the holiday season!


Frenchie Twist neckties come pre-tied in an elegant bow.  The collar contains two snaps one inch apart so that you can find the perfect fit for your pup.  The bowtie may also be untied and redone depending upon desired bowtie tail length. 

  • Made of 100% cotton.
  • The pigment colorants in each print do not contain harmful chemicals and are created using a sustainable digital printing process. 

Our friend of Archie, Gio, is wearing a size medium.

SMALL - Measures 23" and 24" in length, untied.
Best suited for 10"-12" neck size.
MEDIUM - Measures 29" and 30" in length, untied.
Best suited for 14"-16" neck size.
LARGE - Measures 37" and 38" in length, untied.
Best suited for 20"-22" neck size.


Contact Lil' Archie's with any sizing questions.

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